Culture Club

Date: April 21st
Time: 11am
Location: DDR Main Office – Oak Conference Room

DDR launched the Culture Club and we want you to join!  The Culture Club seeks to encourage awareness and inclusion of the diverse cultures in our community.  Join us to celebrate diversity, hear guest speakers, share community resources, enjoy educational opportunities & more!  People served through our agency, Direct Support Professionals, Parents/Guardians – All are welcome!

As a stakeholder in DDR, you will be a part of the implementation of ideas that come from our group.  Come celebrate the beauty of diversity with us!

The Culture Club will meet on the third Friday of every month.

Stories Matter

Date: April 21st
Time: 12pm
Location: DDR Main Office – Oak Conference Room

Debbie Spry is a native Charlottean.  She is a proud mother to her daughter, Elizabeth.  Debbie has worked several diverse jobs including being a pre-school teacher, running her own business, excavating and landscaping, and more to be able to provide for her daughter and herself.  She has made some tough decisions but is happy with the life she leads and her current profession.  As her only daughter is graduating from high school this year, Debbie is in the early stages of exploring what her life and interests are outside of motherhood.  Debbie will share what her life was like growing up in Charlotte, her experiences with how people viewed race in the late 70s and 80s and how that has influenced her now, and her experience as a single mom.  She comes from a humble background, and is a strong believer in love and doing the things that make her happy.  Debbie is open to sharing her story and welcomes any questions you may have for her.


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Reminder!! Culture Club Meeting & Stories Matter Event is Friday 4/21 – Please RSVP below!