If you know of anyone that lives within Optimist Park, Lockwood, Graham Heights, Druid Hills, Greenville, Park at Oaklawn, Genesis Park and/or Brightwalk please share this information with them.

North End Smart District All-Community Meeting

What is a Smart District? It’s a hub for innovation! A place where community partners, government, and companies collaborate to use technology and data to increase economic opportunities, connectedness, efficiency, and harness potential. Wonder how it might affect you?

Join the party on the July 27th to find out what that means, give ideas, and test out projects!

Are you interested in?:

  • Being healthy and saving money on your food bill?
  • Transportation options and saving time on your commute?
  • Reducing your energy bill and having a safer home?
  • Learning computer skills so that everyone in your family can get a good paying job?
  • Building a project from scratch that benefits the entire area?

Thursday, July 27th, 2017
Greenville Community Center
1330 Spring Street
Charlotte, NC 28206
Childcare provided

Community Wide Meeting Postcard

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North End Smart District Community Meeting

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