*This service to be phased out as plans are updated or as annual ISPs are implemented through 10/31/17.

Personal Care Services provide support, supervision and engaging participation in preparation of meals and eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene and other activities of daily living. This service is intended to encourage the individual to maintain skills acquired during their habilitative services while also providing supervision for independent activities. Assistance in monitoring health status, physical condition, transferring and ambulation and use of special mobility devices are all within the scope of this service.

Examples of Personal Care Activities (Shower, Laundry, Handwashing)
freeimages.com (L to R: FleurSuijten, Tomasz A. Poszwa, Peter Galbraith)

When specified in the individual’s person centered plan (PCP), this service may also include housekeeping chores such as bed making, dusting and vacuuming which are incidental to the care furnished or which are essential to the health and welfare of the individual themselves. Services of Personal Care may also be furnished outside of the private home as long as the outcomes are consistent with the support described in the PCP and may be provided in the home of the provider if there is documentation in the plan that the individual’s needs cannot be met in the private home or another community location. If this service is provided in the provider home, monthly monitoring ensures that the services are being provided appropriately.

Additional requirements and rules apply and will be covered during planning and training meetings with DDR Staff.



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