Specialized Consultation Services provide expertise, training and technical assistance in a specialty area to assist family members, support staff and other natural supports in assisting individuals with developmental disabilities who have long term intervention needs.

Under SCS family members and other paid/unpaid caregivers are trained to carry out therapeutic interventions, consistent with the Individualized Support Plan (ISP), therefore increasing the effectiveness of the specialized therapy.

Activities under this service include:

  • Observing the individual to determine needs
  • Assessing any current interventions for effectiveness
  • Developing a written intervention plan to delineate interventions, activities and outcomes to be carried out by family members, support staff and natural supports
  • Training of relevant persons to implement specific interventions/support techniques to include observation, recording data and monitoring implementation of support strategies
  • Reviewing documentation and evaluating the activities as delineated in the intervention plan and revising that plan as needed to assure progress toward achievement of outcomes
  • Participating in team meetings and/or
  • Tele-consultation through use of two-way, real-time interactive audio and video between places of lesser and greater clinical expertise to provide behavioral and psychological care when distance separates the care from the individual