Provides assistance to adults 16 years or older with choosing, acquiring and maintaining a job. Initial SE assists individuals with developing skills to seek, obtain and maintain competitive employment or develop and operate a microenterprise. Employment positions are found based on individual preferences, strengths and experiences. The transition to long term SE should occur within one year of successful competitive employment as the individual becomes more independent in his or her job duties. SE services occur in integrated environments with non-disabled individuals or is a microenterprise owned by the individual. SE services may not occur in a licensed community Day Program.

The initial supported employment includes:

  1. Pre-job training/education and development activities to prepare a person to engage in meaningful work related activities which may include career/educational counseling, active job searching, job shadowing, assistance with educational resources, training in resume preparation, job interview skills,study skills, assistance in learning skills necessary for job retention.
  2. Assisting an individual to develop and operate a micro-enterprise. This assistance consists of aiding the individual in identifying potential business opportunities, assistance in the development a business plan including potential sources of business finance or other assistance and identification of necessary supports in order for the individual to operate the business.
  3. Activities that enable an individual to complete initial job training or develop skills necessary to maintain employment such as assistance in job tasks, work adjustment training and counseling.
  4. Providing support to potential employers regarding federal ADA accommodations and requirements as needed.
  5. This service includes billable time for transportation to and from the individual’s residence and job site.

Long term follow-up will be provided by an employee of DDR and supports include:

  1. At least monthly face-to face support to enable the individual to maintain employment including monitoring, supervision, maintain skills necessary for job tasks, work adjustment and counseling.
  2. Ongoing assistance, counseling and guidance for an individual who operates a microenterprise once the business has been launched.
  3. Identifying work related needs of the individual and actively engaging in supportive activities to address the problems or needs with the employer.
  4. Providing support to potential employers regarding federal ADA accommodations and requirements as needed.
  5. This service includes transportation on a per trip or mileage system when the individual does not require staffing support.
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