Are you the person who can complete the picture for an individual seeking a new direct support professional (DSP)? We would love to see if you’re a fit!

Below we have highlighted some people who are seeking DSPs. If you are interested and available to work with one of the following individuals, please use the contact form below to contact the staffing coordinators.

DDR is always seeking qualified people to train to work one-on-one as direct support professionals (DSP) with the individuals we serve.  The nature of the services we provide make it such that our DSPs have quite a bit of flexibility to determine their schedules and how frequently they wish to work.  This is a great option for both full-time and part-time work.

Please feel free to share this page with anyone who you believe would make a good DSP and encourage them to apply!

Seeking New DSPs:

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ID: 466 - 31 year old male, Stanley, Ind. Respite
ID: 1029 - 16 year old male, Hickory, B3 Respite
ID: 1600 - 19 year old female, Gastonia, Respite
ID: 1601 - 18 year old female, Huntersville, 28078, Respite
ID: 1633 - 26 year old male, Charlotte, 28226, CLS, Respite
ID: 1637 - 15 year old female, Dallas, 28034, CLS, Respite
ID: 1828 - 23 year old male, Mint Hill, CLS, Respite
ID: 1914 - 18 year old male, Gaston County, AFL Residential Support
ID: 1995 - 26 year old female, Vale, 28168, Respite
ID: 2006 - 17 year old female, Charlotte, 28214, Respite
ID: 2038 - 28 year old male, Denver, 28037, CLS, Respite
ID: 2061 - 15 year old male, Richfield, 28137, Back-up CLS
ID: 2234 - 28 year old male, Concord 28027, Ind. Respite
ID: 2274 - 20 year old male, Belmont, 28012, B3 Respite
ID: 2281 - 15 year old male, Mt. Holly, 28120, B3 Respite
ID: 2319 - 31 year old female, Matthews, 28104, CLS, Respite
ID: 2330 - 28 year old male, Kannapolis, CLS, Respite
ID: 2333 - 16 year old male, Gastonia, 28056, CLS, Respite
ID: 2340 - 15 year old male, Lincolnton, 28092, CLS, Respite
ID: 2372 - 14 year old male, Charlotte, 28227, Community Living & Support
ID: 2380 - 45 year old male, Salisbury, 28144, Community Networking

Use this form to contact the staffing coordinator:
Seeking Provider Contact Form
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Currently Seeking Direct Support Professionals as of 2/23/18

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