Stories Matter

This month we welcome O’Neale Atkinson and Time Out Youth Center’s Speakers Bureau to DDR’s Stories Matter Series.

Date: January 16th

Rescheduled due to weather for February 16th!
Time: 11:30am  – 12:30pm

O’Neale, who is a native of South Carolina, moved to Charlotte in June of 2011. Since moving to Charlotte, O’Neale has worked with The LGBT Community Center of Charlotte and Q-Notes. O’Neale received his Master of Social Work degree from the University of South Carolina and has worked with other non-profit and community organizations, including Protection & Advocacy for People with Disabilities, Inc., the AARP-SC and University of South Carolina’s Office of Supportive Housing Services.

Time Out Youth Center’s Speakers Bureau Program provides lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning youth the opportunity to share their story in order to educate others about the lived experiences of LGBTQ youth. Each member of our Speakers Bureau panel will share a story about their experiences being a part of this community as well as share how others can be allies to this community. After each member shares their story, the audience is welcome to ask questions to the panel about their experiences.

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Stories Matter Event! Friday 2/16 – Please RSVP below!

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