Our Trainers are:

Amanda Carriker
Trainer/Registered Nurse
Extension #: 6604
Demetrik Wilson
Family Service & Training Associate
Extension: 6693
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Ed Smith
Training and Compliance Specialist
Extension #: 6630
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Jason Jenkins
Training and Development Coordinator
Extension #: 6678
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Margarita Cranke
Family Service & Training Associate
Extension #: 6698
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Robert Savino
QP/NCI Trainer
Extension #: 6670
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About our Training Program

DDR is committed to providing well trained, competent and confident direct support professionals (DSPs) for the individuals and families we serve. Our training programs are created based on State outlines, our years of experience and with the guidance of our accrediting body, CQL. New DSPs to join the DDR Team will be required to complete our training series and must maintain their certification as detailed below.

Training Classes:

CORE – Annual

CORE is DDR’s general educational class that covers a variety of topics. The goal of CORE is to provide a solid foundation of knowledge that will start our DSPs off on the right foot.

Topics of CORE include DDR’s role, purpose and philosophy for providing services, agency orientation, overview of developmental disabilities, person centered thinking, interaction and communication, cultural diversity, core values, confidentiality/HIPAA, privacy practices, accident/incident reporting, service documentation and treatment/habilitation plan, infections diseases and bloodborne pathogens.

Medication Administration – Annual

Medication Administration, taught by our two in-house Registered Nurses, gives our DSPs detailed information on how to properly administer medications, document medication administration on a Medication Administration Record (MAR), revise MARs based on doctors orders and more. It includes topics such as reading and translating doctors orders for MAR documentation, when to question the medical provider’s instructions, proper disposal of unused or expired medications, proper measuring methods for liquid medication and more. Upon completion, our DSPs should feel confident in administering medications and supported by our team of QPs and Registered Nurses.

CPR and First Aid – Annual or Every 2 years

CPR and First Aid is required for all DSPs and in house staff at DDR.  This class prepares students for situations where they are the lifeline for someone who has been injured, is having difficulty breathing, having a seizure or experiencing another emergency event. The class teaches how to assess an individual who may need emergency assistance, how to clear a scene and keep everyone safe, CPR and other lifesaving and best practice techniques for First Aid.

NCI – Annual

NCI (North Carolina Interventions) the curriculum teaches DSPs to support people with behavior management needs in the least restrictive manner possible.  It is designed to ensure safety and prevent unnecessary restrictive interventions. Additional NCI B and B+ modules teach deflective interventions and physical restrictive interventions when the person is in immediate danger of significantly harming themselves or others.

Health Skills Techniques (as needed)

Based on a individual’s needs, DSPs may be required to attend individual specific health skills technique training with the registered nurses which may include seizure management beyond standard first aid, ostomy care, tube feeding, etc.